Nature + Communication with Ashley Eliza Williams

Episode 011 December 21, 2021 01:13:28
Nature + Communication with Ashley Eliza Williams
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Nature + Communication with Ashley Eliza Williams

Show Notes

Ashley Eliza Williams (she/her) is a painter, sculptor, and amateur ecologist exploring new ways of interacting with nature and with each other. She received a BA from UVA and an MFA from The University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a recent MASS MoCA North Adams Project grantee and has been a resident artist at Vermont Studio Center, Anderson Ranch, Millay Colony, Alte Schule Germany, the Shangyuan Art Museum in China, and the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally at museums, galleries, and scientific institutions. She is a member of the research-focused NYC art collective Sprechgesang Institute. Williams has taught painting, sculpture, and color theory for six years. She currently lives in Massachusetts.

In this episode, Ashley and Brandi talk about the intersections of Nature + Communication, including:

Listeners can find Ashley online, at, and on Instagram @ashleyelizawilliams.

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